How to Ship


Shipping is VERY easy

Step 1: Ship bird completely frozen. Double wrap the bird in 2 tied trash bags or two ziplock freezer bags.

(If the mail carrier finds any leaky packages they will throw it away.)

Step 2: Use a box two sizes bigger then the bird and stuff it with crumbled up newspaper- sort of making a nest for the bird. (You do not need to add dry ice, ice packs, or ship in a cooler)

Step 3: Put the bird in the ‘nest’ and then fill the box the rest of the way with crumbled up newspaper. You do not want the bird to move around a lot.

Step 4: Print off and fill out your Taxidermy Client Form and Federal Migratory Bird Tag (1 tag for each bird). Place those papers in the box with the bird(s). (Very Important. Click the hyperlinks)

*There are also links to these forms located at the bottom of this page or in the TAB "Forms To Download." 

Step 5: Tape the box really well on all edges and corners. Again, to prevent any leaking.

Step 6: On the outside of the box write “PERISHABLE”  and "Type of Bird & How Many."

Step 7: Ship 2 day shipping on a Monday or Tuesday and make sure no signature is required.

Step 8: Contact me for the SHIP TO address. This will allow us to prepare for your bird and make sure someone is on location to receive your box.  :)


Sierra Langbell Accepts NO responsibility for the legality of the harvest of the specimen(s) you send her. All License, Tags, and identifications must be presented at the time of drop off or included in the box with the shipment. 

50% minimum deposit is required prior to commencement of work.

Contact Sierra