Conservation 365

I realized a couple years ago that I was given a unique opportunity to use my platform and creative outlet to help fight the good fight in wildlife conservation and habitat management. My love for the outdoors is deep in my bones. I started selling prints and decided that I needed to give back, because without the ability to hunt these animals I would be out of a job. I decided to donate a percentage of every print sale to the conservation organization that protects that print subject or its habitat. I also donate prints to banquets to help raise money during silent and live auctions. (If you need a print for a banquet please fill out the Contact form.)

I asked myself: What else can I do?

I realized that I didn't just want to sell my prints and give back, I wanted to use other peoples prints and art to give back as well. 

That is when I created the first completely hunting inspired Delta Waterfowl Calendar and that is the day Conservation 365 was born!