HOw I got started and my techniques

I started by taking a class with a local taxidermist in Feb. of 2014 after I had a really intensive foot surgery. After that class I was offered a job and that is when fell in love with the art of taxidermy. I have always been a really creative person and taxidermy was something I has always wanted to try. Shortly after my foot was healed I took 2 more classes by 2 more local taxidermist. I took the best techniques from all 3 of those taxidermist and put them together to create the style I have today. Today I am a very busy gal. I have my own shop in Omaha, Nebraska and am also a photographer.

Taxidermy is art and every artist has a different style. My taxidermy is realistic. I only accept real life photos of birds for reference of how you want your birds mounted. I will not accept photos of other bird mounts as reference. My job is to recreate the bird to be as lifelike as possible. I love using real reference photos so I can see how the wind raises certain feathers so I can recreate that realism. However, that realistic, rough around the edges style is not for everyone. So, I work closely with 2 other taxidermists in the U.S. If I do not think my style is what you want I will give your bird to a taxidermist that does amazing work but has a more manicured style of taxidermy.

Why I do not like using reference photos from other taxidermist: Taxidermy is like the game that you played when you were young called "telephone." When you start the game you have one sentence and when you end the game you somehow have something completely different than the first sentence. This is just like taxidermy. When reference photos from other taxidermists keep getting passed around eventually this flying goose starts being posed into positions they don't really do. 

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